Halifax Fire Stations

Halifax Fire Stations, Past and Present
The first firehouse was built twenty years after the founding of Halifax. While firehouses have been on penisular Halifax for over 200 years the first firehouse on what is called “Mainland Halifax” was not built until 1957.
In April 1889 the fire equipment owned by the City of Halifax consisted of 4 steam fire engines, one hand fire engines, eight hose carriages and sleighs, two ladder trucks and sleighs, 9950 feet of rubber and cotton hose, forty axes, and two bangor extension ladders. This equipment was stored in six of Halifax Fire Department’s Engine Houses;

1. Central Engine House, Barrington Street (1871)
2. Queen Street Engine House (1877)
3. Market Building
4. Spring Garden Road Engine House
5. Islesville Engine house (1883)
6. Grafton Street Ladder House

In April 1996 the fire equipment owned by the City of Halifax consisted of a much more modern variety. Horses and steamers of days gone by have been replaced by quints, snorkels, aerials, and pumpers. Today our firefighters and equipment operate out of six Halifax Fire Stations;

Halifax Fire Station1. University Avenue (1903)
2. West Street (Central Fire House)
3. Lady Hammond Road
4. Bayers Road
5. Herring Cove Road (Spryfield)
6. Knightsridge

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